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If you are here looking for the True Combat:Elite mirror, it is located here. The windows installer is the .exe file. The .zip file is usable for both linux and windows (not mac). Mac users must use the .dmg file due to differences in the contained files. There is also a linux .run file, but I couldn't get it to install properly, so I would go with the .zip file. Another issue with the linux client (at least for myself and some others) was lockup/slowdowns during firefights. Disabling wallmarks either in the menus or by setting cg_marktime 0 will fix this.

You will also need to increase the default com_*Megs settings. For linux I would use the command line "et +set fs_game tcetest +seta com_hunkMegs 256 +seta com_zoneMegs 64 +seta com_soundMegs 64 +seta cg_marktime 0"